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Will You Marry Me?...I’m the victim of rape by Northern Queen..

Will You Marry Me? Will you marry me? I’m the victim of rape My virginity has been looted All have seen my story Most have enjoyed me once again in visual graphic of the scene Most have cried tears of blood Most have shed crocodile tears Tell me if I had any fault? I thought I was safe in dark in the liberty gifted to me Whom I should blame to those merciless wolves? Carnivals in guise of human being Should I blame the chain of safety? rusted and broken around me Who is concerned about me? My honor meaning a lot to my life is under risk How should I curse God! to have designed me for his creation I was proud of being a woman dreaming to give birth to gems in the world The beauty of my soul is no more I have become a molten rock I’m polluted as like as mother Ganga The flute of Lord has fallen on me flat My anklet doesn’t jingles on Jamuna bank I’m still longing for a life of Rose I still want to fly high in your love I still want you adorn my curls with fragrance of tulip and jasmine I still long for arms of spring to hug me Without your love how should I live my life? I don’t wish for your sympathy and mercy I want to be a wife and mother of twin © Queen

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